Enjoy a journey to discover the Ciociarian Beauties!

Sant'Elia Hotel offers exclusive packages for the over 65s, itineraries related to nature, art and culture, all accompanied by the flavors of the area.

We offer a lot of attention designed for those who love slow tourism and want to set out to discover the area with all the comforts guaranteed!

Many attractions for a comfortable, safe and ideal stay for those who love to explore new destinations.


The three Benedictine abbeys are:
- Casamari Abbey: founded by the Benedictines around the year 1000, then entrusted to the Cistercians, followers of the rule of Saint Bernard of Chiaravalle, it still preserves works of art and precious manuscripts in the well-stocked library and in the museum-art gallery.
- The Abbey of Montecassino: destroyed and rebuilt several times (just remember the devastating air raid of 1944), it has always been one of the greatest centers of radiation of Benedictine spirituality and Western culture. Where still today in the prestigious library are preserved precious documents such as the "Placito Cassinese", the first legal document in the vernacular and the famous illuminated manuscripts
- Trisulti in Collepardo: Famous for its structure but above all for the old pharmacy (now a museum) where the monks worked herbs and spices from the surrounding mountains, extracting essences and aromas for infusions and distillates such as Amaro centerbe, Trisulti brandy, anisette, imperial tincture and Sambuca, among the oldest in Italy.

The food and wine itineraries in Ciociaria represent the perfect way to discover the tastiest part of the local culture, an authentic journey into the Ciociaria tradition characterized by culinary excellence combined in ancient recipes. An obligatory stop is the one that leads us to the encounter with the fine wines, through tastings, a special itinerary along the "Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Ciociaria".

Staying at the Sant'Elia Hotel you will get to know the various local tastes such as pecorino cheeses, Guarcino ham, cannellini beans from Atina, soup with bread, coratella, sheep skewers, extra virgin olive oil, honey and much more… Among the autumn products, the Terelle chestnuts stand out followed by the various festivals in the surrounding area. Get to know the “Ciociaria” and discover its flavours!